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        Firstly, lets clear one thing up…

        I am not a “sales person”

        I haaaaate the hard sell just as much as the next person.

        If you do book me I want it to be because your heart feels its right, not because you feel pressured.

        If you decide we’re the perfect match then I can’t wait to work with you. If I’m not your thing, hey… thats ok too.

        My packages and pricing structure are simple and all inclusive with no “hidden costs”.
        I want you to feel comfortable knowing exactly what it is you’ll be getting for your money.

        I also offer payment plans for those who prefer it.

        For me, family photography is an important investment
        and I know you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t feel the same.
        These photos will be cherished for years to come.
        They will be your children’s favourites hands down…


        Because YOU are actually IN them!

        My focus during sessions is always on human connection and the genuine moments
        that happen when you forget for just a second that the camera is there and just BE as a family.
        I am always searching for those in-between moments where you are most truly yourselves.

        Waiting patiently for the moments that MATTER

        The ones that tell your story, right now, at this specific point in time.

        The images that capture how you FELT.


        1hour session time
        Lifestyle approach
        Outdoor location
        30 edited high res images
        delivered via an online downloadable/sharable gallery.

        Great for; Family|Motherhood|Couples|Maternity|Portraits

        All digital files 50+
        additional $150


        2 hour session time
        Documentary / Lifestyle approach
        In home + Outdoor location
        Online gallery of 50-75+ edited high res images

        Great for telling a more detailed story for; Family|Motherhood|Couples|Newborn|

        FAMILY FILM + PHOTOS $1499

        3 hour session time
        3-5 min film with licensed music delivered via digital download
        online gallery of 30 + edited high res images


        How do we book?

        So you’re ready to book? Great! Just hit the ‘contact” tab
        at the top of this page and let me know which type of session
        you would like to book and your preferred date.
        If you are not sure yet which session you’d like yet,
        don’t worry I’ll give you a call and we can decide together
        which package will best suit your needs.

        So our dates are confirmed now what?

        Once your date has been confirmed as available a
        $300 deposit is required to hold that date for your session.
        The remainder is due 7 days before your session date.
        I do offer payment plans if you would prefer
        to pay a nominated amount each month.

        What time will our session take place?

        1 hour connection sessions will usually
        take place during the “golden hours”.
        Either the hour after sunrise (hello early bird!)
        or the hour prior to sunset.
        Storytelling sessions will have a choice of
        a morning or evening session.

        What should we expect from our session/what should we bring?

        Once you get in touch I’ll send you my welcome guide
        which will have all the relevant information about how each session type runs, what to expect, what to bring and even a guide on what to wear.

        What if my children misbehave during the shoot?

        Hey, look, I’m a parent too…
        A parent of a super cheeky almost 3 year old.

        I get it. To be honest I’d be more surprised if they
        were perfect angels for the whole session
        so don’t worry about that for a second.

        If a meltdown happens we take a minute.
        You take your time to comfort your babes.

        I’ll step back and capture those sweet moments
        from afar and I’ll step in and redirect
        when I feel the time is right.

        If something isn’t working we’ll quickly move on.
        Melt down or not there will be plenty of time for
        capturing sweet moments I promise…

        Do you shoot weddings?

        I sure do!

        I only take on a limited amount of weddings per year.
        So if your date is set, get in touch and we can discuss your needs.
        I would love to help tell the story of your day!

        || Wedding packages start from $2800
        Elopements start from $1000

        I’m excited to see my photos!
        When will they be ready?

        Eek..I’m excited to share them!
        A sneak peek will be posted on my Facebook page
        or Instagram feed within the first week.
        Your entire gallery will be completed within 2-3 weeks.
        Films will be ready in 6-8 weeks.

        Can I print my images myself?

        Yes. All my sessions include edited high resolution
        images + print release via digital download.
        You also have the ability to order professional
        prints and albums from me directly.

        Do you have a studio?

        No. I am a natural light on location photographer
        so my studio is your home or a one of the many
        picturesque outdoor locations Sydney has to offer.

        Where are you based?

        I call Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs home, but I photograph families all over Australia. If you are interested in working
        with me, but don’t live in Sydney get in touch! I love to travel!

        What happens if the weather is bad?
        I love dark moody clouds and wind for shoots! However, if it rains, hails, etc. I will contact you as soon as possible to postpone or reschedule.