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        “There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”
        — Robert Frank

        When I’m not photographing  families,
        you’ll find me with these guys out in nature or
        dreaming up our next big travel adventure.

        The love of my life Ben,
        our cheeky free spirited daughter Charlie
        and our calm little man Marlow.

        Becoming a mother awakened parts of me I never knew existed.

        That powerful transformation of woman to mother is one of my favourite things to capture and my sessions centre around that special bond between a mother and her children.

        Here’s is a little film I put together to capture the bond of my daughter and her daddy. Its far from technically perfect, but it was one of the first films I ever shot and it’s where my passion for filming other families began.

        You can see more of those films by clicking  here <-