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        “There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”
        — Robert Frank

        This is us! My family…

        The most important human beings on the planet to me.

        My dreamboat of a husband Ben,
        our cheeky free spirited daughter Charlie
        and our calm little man Marlow.

        For as long as I can remember
        I’ve had a camera in my hand,
        documenting anything that made me FEEL something.
        Waiting for those moments in life
        that deserve to be captured.

        For the last 10 years I’ve been photographing people
        and the things that make them unique.

        I started with street portraits whilst I was an
        international flight attendant living in the Middle East
        and later moved to photographing couples and weddings.
        (which I still loooove to do)

        When my daughter Charlie was born
        and that surge of mumma hormones
        and crazy uncontrollable love took over my body,
        I knew that this connection, this amazing primal bond
        between children and their parents
        was what I needed to capture.

        Not only for myself,
        but for others who were, like me,
        feeling that these moments were all too fleeting.

        My focus during sessions is always
        LOVE and CONNECTION.

        Its about getting you to feel comfortable enough
        so that just for a moment
        a little piece of your soul shines through.

        THE REAL YOU.

        I promise you, those are the photographs you will cherish the most.
        The photographs that years from now you and your children will look at
        and be reminded of just what that moment FELT like.

        Films are something I offer with most packages and they really do have my heart. There is something about seeing love in motion that even photographs can’t compete with.
        Here is a little film I put together to show the bond of my daughter and her daddy. Enjoy!

        You can see more of my films by clicking  here <-